Basingstoke and Winchester


Access to fresh food without doing battle with the empty shelves at the local supermarket is vital for key workers. To help, we provided an event catering company who’ve repurposed as a food bank for Basingstoke and Winchester hospital staff with a queuing system and some portaloos, and got some fridges into a hospital to keep the milk for those more-important-than-ever cuppas chilled:


Royal Free

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At the Royal Free, we helped convert a sports hall into a free shop for NHS staff, so they could pick up produce and essentials after their shifts. Fridges were donated by the lovely Eat Your Hearts Out and the shop is now run by volunteers. We also converted a gym studio into a relaxation room to give the hospital team a place to take a break, which is much needed at a time like this.

This week we supported The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust by providing project management, crew & furniture, to…

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Lewisham hospital rest space


Lewisham hospital were in need of a rest space for their hardworking staff. We liaised with our friends at Vans for Bands and now, rather than hosting its usual post-gig shenanigans, a tour bus is being used as a break zone. When every spare inch of hospital space is being utilised to expand capacity, creating breakout areas to give doctors, nurses, porters, and cleaners a place to take a moment to themselves is incredibly important.

Here it is providing some much-needed respite for hardworking NHS staff. We’re looking at sourcing more buses to use in the same way around the UK: