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So far, we’ve arranged for 300+ radios to go into ITUs, MERIT teams, and hospitals across the country, from some of the hardest hit London hospitals like Homerton, the Royal London, and Barts to Great Ormond Street, Taunton and Somerset, Royal Unites Hospital in Bath, the Lister Hospital in Stevenage, and across 10 midwifery units in the West Midlands.

These radios reduce the amount of PPE staff are going through when moving between COVID and non-COVID spaces and allow them to communicate effectively about treatment plans. They make a big difference. Our pals at Delta Live and Khaos have been incredible in supplying radios and getting them where they need to go:

If you know a hospital or other frontline facility who might benefit from this, please send us the details so we can pass along to our dedicated radios team.