Showers for mental health units


It’s not just ITUs and critical care that have felt the pressure during the COVID crisis—the ripples of its effects have impacted the entire NHS, including mental health units.

A Trust in Birmingham approached us for help sourcing extra shower facilities for their inpatient sites where they had patients who’d tested positive for coronavirus. We helped them to cost various options—different size units, rental periods, power, changing marquees, furniture, fencing, and consumables—so they could focus on patient care and make an informed decision about the most cost-effective and best way to meet their need for expanded temporary facilities.

The team then introduced them to a supplier, Greentree, who fitted the showers across three sites.

This is just one way the People Powered team can apply their knowledge of infrastructure to help the NHS and other frontline services to increase their capacity to meet demand.

Got a similar need? Get in touch and we can help you find the right option for your organisation.

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