Wobble Room Hastings


Down in Hastings at the Conquest Hospital, we created a wobble room—a safe space where NHS staff can take a break and “have a wobble” away from patients—using donations from across the community.

The team used their know-how from putting together dressing rooms fit for A-listers in porta cabins, collecting furniture from Southern Rail and RU Comfy, and persuading Emmaus to open specially for us to collect some items. A local resident offered her wedding flowers as her Nan used to work in the hospital shop, and local artists offered 33 works of art for the project. Pieces by Sally De Souza, Karen Hollis, Eleanor Harris were chosen alongside a custom mirror from Alison Purdy, so staff can check their faces before leaving if they’ve used the space to have a cry.

These rooms are so important to support NHS worker’s wellbeing through this crisis and beyond, and more are planned.

If you know a hospital or Trust that would be intersted, get in touch.

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